If your physician(s) are affiliated with or have offices at Hahnemann University Hospital, you will need to make plans to continue your care.


If are happy with your current physician(s), it is important to verify that their practice will remain open, and where. Call your physician's office and ask if they will continue to see patients, then confirm where their office will be once Hahnemann closes.


If you need to find a new physician, it can be an easy process.

  1. Contact your health insurance company and ask if they can direct you to other physicians in the area that accept your insurance and are seeing new patients.
  2. Once you have a list of possibilities, you can look up physicians on the internet to see what services they offer, including other languages spoken if needed. You can also ask friends and family members for recommendations of physicians they trust.
  3. Contact the offices of physicians you are interested in to confirm they are accepting patients and if so, when an appointment would be available.


Note: You can find more information on physicians online. Most area hospitals provide information about their physicians on their websites. To help you get started, here are links to the Find A Physician pages of some of the major regional hospitals in the area: